Performing at a local school in Irvine for a K12 class, demonstrating how the polymer Nylon is formed.

Chemistry Outreach at UCI 

Texas A&M (2016-)

Demonstrating the Power of Molecular Modeling

Students from local schools visit  Texas A&M during the Chemistry Open House (every summer) where we demonstrate molecular gyroscopes (and many other concepts) using toy-gyroscopes and molecular modeling software. The students will then be shown how the modeling program Avogadro works and can then download it themselves and use it in their school as it is a freeware.

UC-Irvine (2011-2012)

Teaching K12 Classes Chemistry by Vivid In-class Demonstrations

Although chemistry is very important that it is often called the central science, opportunities to learn chemistry have declined during recent years. In the past, lively demonstrations and interesting laboratory experiments were used to engage students in high school chemistry classes but issues of safety and cost are now limiting teachers abilities to include demonstrations and laboratory experiments in the classes, rendering the subject less exciting and less relevant to the student's everyday life.