Awards & Honors

◊ Graduate Student Research and Presentation Travel Award, Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (2019)

◊ Martin Corera Memorial Graduate Student Travel Award in Chemistry, Texas A&M University (2019)

◊ Phi Lambda Upsilon (PLU) Travel Award, Texas A&M University (2018)

◊ Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning Fellow (CIRTL) (2017)

◊ Academy For Future Faculty Certificate,

Texas A&M University (2017)

◊ G.R.A.D Aggies Professional Development Program Advanced Certificate,

Texas A&M University (2017)

◊ Dean’s Doctoral Scholarship in Chemistry,

Texas A&M University (2015)

◊ Foundation Sigurd and Elsa Golje’s Memory, Lund University (2014)

◊ American Institute of Chemist Student Award (2014)

◊ Ludvig Stenberg Scholarship,

Lund University (2014)

◊  Dean's Honors List at the University of California in Irvine (2012)

◊  Dean's Summer Student Scholarship from the Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MAPS) at University College London (2010)

CAS SciFinder Future Leader (2019)

Building Global Collaboration Across Chemistry Disciplines

Visiting the Chemistry Abstract Services (CAS) in Columbus (Ohio) together with the 28 other winners, coming from all over the world. Awardees will collaborate on new initiatives to support the scientific community, exchange ideas about the role of information within the research process, and hear from industry and academic leaders about the role of science in different settings. Link to the program can be found here and the C&E News article announcing the winners can be found here.

U.S. Senator Phil Gramm Graduate Fellowship (2019)

University-wide Award for Excellence in Research, Teaching, and Service 

Students henceforth will be recognized as Senator Phil Gramm Doctoral Fellows for general scholarship excellence and contributions to their disciplines. "Dr. Gramm appreciated the roles of graduate students at a public university, from teaching undergraduates in introductory courses, to conducting vital research, to volunteering in the community," (Dr. Mark J. Zoran, executive associate dean in the Texas A&M College of Science). (News article here)

Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship for Junior Predoctoral Researcher (Nachwuchswissenschaftler) (2018)

Enabling Cross-Collaborative and Cutting-Edge Research in Germany

Visiting RWTH Aachen University (Germany) and Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung from Nov 2018 to Feb 2019 with the aim to collaborate with theoretical and experimental chemists on several of our projects to gain deeper insight and increase our research network Host: Professor Carsten Bolm.

von Humboldt Foundation

Dow Chemical Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry,

Texas A&M (2018)

Demonstrating Excellent Presentation Techniques at the Dow Chemical Symposium

Won a poster award during the Dow Symposium & Graduate Awards Ceremony Spring 2018 (a total of 47 poster presenters).
 Title: Stability of Pt(II)-containing Molecular Gyroscope Isomers.

Graduate Student Departmental Awardees

(updates once per year)

Aggie Research Leader, Texas A&M University (2018)

Mentoring Undergraduates to Work with Computational Chemistry in a Team-led Effort

This achievement was obtained after mentoring nine undergraduate students from 2017 to mid-2018 in a total of four research teams focusing on using computational tools to solve our quests in organometallic chemistry. A graduate student acts as a team leader that cultivates an effective team of undergraduates. By integrating research and education, this approach promotes mutually-beneficial partnerships amongst practicing researchers and students.

Faculty Mentors:  Dr. Michael B. Hall, Dr. John A. Gladysz, and Dr. Lisa M. Pérez.

Program Director: Dr. Christopher Quick.

Aggie Research Scholars/Leadership Program (ARSP/ARLP)

Eastman Chemical for Upper-Level Teaching Award, Texas A&M University (2018)

Demonstrating Excellence in Teaching

The Graduate Student Award Committee solicits nominations for the Organic Laboratory Teaching Award and Upper-division teaching labs annually. The successful candidates will be selected based upon teaching accomplishments. This award is sponsored by the Eastman Chemical Company.

Graduate Student Departmental Awardees (updates once per year)

The American Institute of Chemists (AIC) Student Award (2014)

Demonstrating Scholastic Excellence

This achievement was obtained on the basis of a demonstrated record in leadership ability, character, scholastic achievement, and advancement potential in the chemical profession.

AIC 2014 Awardees

Oxford University Press Award (2009)

Achievement in Chemistry Prize 2009

Mr. Ehnbom received the Achievement in Chemistry Prize 2009 by reviewing and finding errors in the exposition of quantum mechanics in the popular organic chemist textbook written by Clayden. For the award money, I bought several new textbooks in quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics.

Oxford University Press